It is the most important food of the larvae and the queen.

Royal jelly is secreted by the hypopharyngeal glands of young working bees (nurse bees) to feed the larvae of working bees and drones during the first three days after the hatching out of the egg. It is also the exclusive food for the larvae of queens and then, for the queens, throughout all their life.


Product Description

Therapeutical features: nourishing, antiviral, antibiotic with a wide spectrum, it increases the duration of life by improving the quality of the cellular multiplication, it increases the appetite, natural anabolic, aphrodisiac, energizing, fortifying, anti-depressing, it decreases the level of tri-iodo-tironin, it stimulates the secretion of gonadotropins, increases the secretion of lutein and progesterone, stimulates the suprarenal glands, increases cortisolemia, increases testosteronemia, decreases the size of the prostate and testicles, diminishes liver weight, increases the report albumines/globulins, decreases the activity of the adenosinetriphosphatase, increases oxygen consumption, anti-inflammatory, cleanser, decreases the weight of kidneys, increases the global weight of the body, vasodilator, antiatherosclerosis, haematopoietic (erythrocytes, leucocytes, thrombocytes), immunoregulatory, decreases the multiplication of tumours with a slow growth, normalizes the secretion of sebum of the sebaceous glands, stimulates the regeneration of the epithelial cells, antibacterial and local antiviral (cosmetics, dermatosis).

Recommendations: Royal jelly is recommended for diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterodemia, medullary aplasia, athero and arteriosclerosis, not specified chronic pulmonary diseases, chronic diseases of the upper respiratory system, haemorrhagic gingivitis, various immune diseases, chronic renal insufficiency, rheumatic polyarthritis, climacteric syndrome, diseases of the suprarenal glands, infectious, catching diseases, dystrophies, malnutrition with babies, convalescence, frigidity, sterility by various hormonic insufficiencies, cosmetics.