Propolis is made of wax, pollen, juice made of plant buds and secretions of bees, containing over 200 therapeutically active substances, among which volatile oil, flavonoids, natural antibiotics, tannin, vitamins, minerals (iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper, cobalt, manganese, silicium and others).

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Product Description

Action and therapeutical recommendations

Propolis has antibiotic, antivirous and antifungi effects on the human body (namely against microbes, viruses and fungi), healing, antitoxic and anaesthetic. Propolis also has excellent immunizing features and soothing pain.

Propolis can be used both internally and externally, having a wide range of effects. In internal use, it is recommended for diseases of the genital apparatus, the urinary one, diseases of the respiratory apparatus and ENT, for digestive, neuropsychic, endocrine, liver-biliary, stomatologic, rheumatic diseases and others.

It is recommended for rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, otitis, hearing loss, otosclerosis, adenoids of the ear, esophagitis, gastro-duodenitis, colitis, enterocolitis, rectocolitis, piles, bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary abscess, pulmonary tuberculosis, prostate, benign hypertrophy of prostate, penis indurations, salpingitis, metritis, cervicitis, erosions of the uterine cervix, uterine fibroma, angiocholitis, cholecystitides, asthenia, overdemanding syndrome, thyroidian and parathyroidian insufficiency, mammary adenoma, conjunctivitis, retinitis, arthritis, lumbago, alcoholic and tobacco intoxications, blood poisoning and others.

In external use, it can be used with good results for treating eczema, varicose ulcer, dermatologic infections difficult to heal, boils, bleeding wounds, shingles, candida, herpes, chilblains, gangrenes, pruritus, piles, mycosis, acnea, vaginal adenoids, pityriasis, vaginitis, vulvitis, tricophytia, etc.