Due to its exceptional composition (proteins, lipids, glucides, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, minerals, specific vital factors, substances with the role of biocatalysts in the process of regeneration of cells), royal jelly forewarns and treats a series of diseases, but it also has an important role for the regeneration of the body.


Product Description

Recommendations: Royal jelly is recommended for diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterodemia, medullary aplasia, athero and arteriosclerosis, not specified chronic pulmonary diseases, chronic diseases of the upper respiratory system, haemorrhagic gingivitis, various immune diseases, chronic renal insufficiency, rheumatic polyarthritis, climacteric syndrome, diseases of the suprarenal glands, infectious, catching diseases, dystrophies, malnutrition with babies, convalescence, frigidity, sterility by various hormonic insufficiencies, cosmetics.