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Therapeutical characteristics: The great trump of currant / gooseberries is represented by the big quantity of vitamin C that it contains (three up to four times bigger than oranges), by antioxidants (twice bigger than blue berries), plus double the quantity of potassium in bananas. They also contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, PP, microelements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, bromine, zinc, flavonoids, beta carotene, organic acids and volatile oils.


Product Description

The benefits given by this fruit are multiple:

  • it invigorates the immunity system,
  • it rectifies certain eyesight problems,
  • it forewarns the ageing processes, neutralizing the free radicals (they may have positive effects on the treatment of Alzheimer),
  • it helps to the growth of bones and the development of the ligaments,
  • it stimulates the formation of tissues,
  • it improves tiredness.

Recommendations: It is used for the treatment of arthritis, calculus at kidneys, gout, lung diseases. Moreover, a new survey shows that this fruit is excellent for fighting against muscular pain associated with physical effort.

Since gooseberries have a low content of sugars, they may be eaten by diabetics, too.