It contains:

  • bee venom,

  • royal jelly,

  • aloe vera,

  • horse tail etc.

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Product Description

Recommendations: A specially created product for taking care of sensitive skin, liable to the process of wrinkle formation. That is why, the skin must be correctly and efficiently taken care of.

Therapeutical features: The product is based on bee substances, bee venom and royal jelly, rich in vitamins, phytohormones, a complex of enzymes, proteins, free amino-acids, microelements, etc. with nourishing, hydrating and emollient features, in a base of gel which makes a very fine layer on the surface of the skin, thus preventing the loss of transepidermical water, ensuring the transport of the nutritives in the deep layers of the epidermis, which gives suppleness, firmness and protection to the skin against the aggressive action of the harmful factors from the environment.

The bee venom increases the number of keratinocytes (cells in the upper layer which the skin needs to look young), improves the resilience of the skin, acts like a barrier against the environmental factors, the loss of water or damage caused by sunbathing for too long. The hyaluronidase (the component enzyme of bee venom) cuts the hyaluronic acid into smaller fragments which can thus be taken over by the blood (the peripherical circulation also helped by the bee venom) and eliminated out of the wrinkle, the skin thus getting smooth.

Royal jelly concentrates the nourishing and biologically active factors which ensure the development and bee-keeping in a very high metabolic rhythm; it has a content of 18,5% proteins, enzymes as proteases (catalase, phosphatase). These substances biologically active present in the royal jelly have the role of a biocatalyst on the molecular processes of the cells of the epidermis, they ensure a biologic equilibrium of the skin, the blood circulation is strongly influenced in the skin, the regeneration of the skin cells, keeping water in tissues, giving resilience and suppleness to the complexion. The natural phytohormones in the royal jelly have a positive influence on the resilience of the skin, lessening wrinkles, and with their regenerating role, skin is kept smooth, supple and velvety, preventing the formation of new wrinkles.

Due to the active ingredients contained (royal jelly, bee venom, aloe vera gel, extract of horse tail), the product has the effect of delaying the appearance of biologic ageing phenomena, forewarning the premature ageing, attenuating the signs skin ageing, keeping the resilience and the young and healthy aspect of the skin.