Royal jelly is the food of the sapling in the beehive and of the queen throughout all its life. It is used for feeding as soon as it is produced (after secretion), not being stored.

The qualities of the royal jelly are interpreted through the viewpoint of the spectacular fruitfulness of the queen (during the active season the queen lays between 150,000 – 200,000 eggs, being able to reach up to 3,000 eggs a day, their mass exceeding two and a half times the mass itself of the queen) and through the much longer life of the queen which is fed only with royal jelly throughout all its life (a queen lives 2-3-5 years whereas a bee only a few days – during the active season).

Based on these reasons, numerous researches have been done throughout the years with good results. Last year, in October, a team of professors (Noriko HATTORI, Kenji Ichihara, Shoei Furukawa) from a University in Japan impressed us with the results of the work: “Royal jelly improves the functioning of the nervous system by regenerating the neurons in the hippocampus” at the 3rd Congress of Apitherapy I took part in Bucharest.

A lot has been written and will be written on royal jelly from now on, but what we have to keep in mind is that – as the president of the Romanian Society of Apitherapy said, dr. Ştefan Stângaciu, in of of his several conferences, related to this wonderful bee product: “… royal jelly can prolong life, health and beauty…”.
PhD Engineer: Cornelia Dostetan (Abalaru)