The best way of giving propolis can be established by a beetherapist doctor and differs according to your diseases, structure, functional or even emotional characteristics.

Propolis can be given in several ways:

  • The tincture of propolis (that we all know and which is an alcoholic extract);
  • Raw propolis – powder, small pieces or bars;
  • Glycolic extract – the soft extract of propolis;
  • Greasy extract of propolis (propolis in ghee)

Rules of giving propolis:
1.Firstly a possible allergy is tested.
2.The treatment starts with low doses.
3.It is easier to give with the help of some “means”: honey, capsules, cream, suppositories.
4.Several methods of giving it are used to achieve the “goal” ( into the mouth, through the skin – ointments, suppositories, electrotherapy, phonophoresis etc.)
5.Giving propolis in all its shapes: raw and extracts (water, alcohol, ghee) to benefit from all the active compounds of propolis.
6.Pay attention to the expiration date of the commercial product bought.
7.Keep preparations with propolis in cold and dark places (exposing them in the destructive action of sunshine diminishes their efficiency).
8.Detoxify your body before starting a treatment with propolis.
9.Relax your body, sleep enough so that your body can process all the precious compounds of propolis efficiently.
10.Thank God every time you use these natural remedies.
PhD Engineer: Cornelia Dostetan (Abalaru)