Lime honey is one of the most requested types of honey. It has a strong flavour of lime, like a fresh perfume, yellow-golden reflexes, sometimes greenish, anyway its colour is light and it is more fluid.


Product Description

Therapeutical features: Lime honey soothes feverish states and gastric pain, forewarns migraine, it is a good remedy in pneumonia, asthma, nervous states, cough, diseases of the breathing system (bronchitis, laryngitis), cold and tuberculosis.

It belongs to the category of the best and most appreciated types of honey, rich in vitamins, especially vitamin B1 (thiamine), and amino-acids, the granules of pollen getting up to 70-80% in its sediment. Its crystallization takes place towards autumn and it has a buttery consistency, the crystals being white, honey getting a more attractive appearance and taste.

Recommendations: It has soothing characteristics, being prescribed both for diseases of the nervous system and sleeplessness, being a good and natural nervous sedative.