The cocktail for men contains:

  • honey (poliflora)
  • raw pollen – frozen,
  • propolis, propolis tincture
  • drone larvae (apilarnil).


Product Description


The therapeutical characteristics of a bee cocktail made of honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, drone larvae (apilarnil), maiden wax are related to the great richness of nourishing elements of all the constitutive bee products.

Honey: antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-decays, anti-inflammatory, biostimulating, curative, cleanser, emollient, energetic, emulsifier of fat, immuno-stimulating, it stimulates the regulation of the epithelium, endothelium and the cellular membranes, it is laxative, nutritive, cardiac tonic, regenerating for the connective tissue, it heals wounds;

Pollen: it increases immunity, the level of alpha and beta globulins in the blood serum, decreases the level of cholesterol, protects the body against the negative effects of chemotherapy, regulates body weight, facilitates the brain functioning, stimulates the production of organic substances, it is a stimulus, it strengthens the capillary vessels, the heart and the immunity system, it is tonic;

Propolis: antibacterial characteristics, features against radiations, antiallergical, antibacterial, antibiotic, antihaemorrhagic, antiherpes, anti-inflammatory, anticatching, disinfecting, antimicrobial, antioxidating, antiseptic, antispastic, anti-sudorific, anti-stress, anti-trichomonas, anti-tumor, antiviral, it heals and regenerates the epithelium and endothelium, preservative, it reduces the level of blood pressure, decreases the level of cholesterol in the blood, diminishes the adverse effects of chemo and radiotherapy, energizing, revitalizing, tonic, immuno-stimulating effect, it increases the resistance of the body against catching diseases, stimulates the regeneration of the tissue, etc.

Royal jelly: it prevents and treats a series of diseases, but it also has an important role in the regeneration of the body: it is a biological stimulus with an energetic and regenerating effect on the body; it is a general physical and psychic tonic; it has an antiviral, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effect, it is a powerful aphrodisiac, it has a regulating hormonic effect, it fights off tiredness, it contains the whole complex of vitamins B called “the vitamins of happiness” having a beneficial effect on the human psychic; it has an antidepressive effect, it stops hair fall; it invigorates the immunity system, annihilates the free radicals and facilitates the synthesis of vitamin D, which is important for the absorption of calcium; it is a source of acetylcholine, it has an antianaemic effect, very useful in cases of atherosclerosis, skin diseases, sexual debility; it slows down the ageing processes, senility, it improves memory; it protects against being taken ill of fungi ( mycosis); it decreases anxiety, the state of psychic tension; it has a positive effect on the growth of the body; it speeds up the healing of wounds and harmed bones; it has an anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor effect.

Recommendations: The bee cocktail helps our body a lot when it is so challenged by tiredness, stress, unhealthy food, pollution.

Dosage: one spoonful twice a day (in the morning and in the afternoon). During critical periods, it may be supplemented with one more dose in the morning. It is given at least half an hour before meals, before eating anything.

Some pieces of advice we have to take into account: one has to mix it before each administration (dosage). Honey has the characteristic of “self-cleaning”, bringing to its surface everything that does not belong to it (small wings or feet of bees, larva which has accidentally got out of cells during the extraction from honeycombs, wax), that’s why in a preparation with honey, the latter has the tendency to deposit on the bottom of the container, and the component parts (pollen, propolis, propolis tincture, etc.) to be above; it is kept in the fridge; it is kept as long as possible into the mouth for a better absorption; one has to be on a cure of at least three months.