Dehydrated aronia has a high content of antioxidating elements, especially anthocyanin, it is an efficient natural remedy for forewarning and treating multiple diseases:

  • It is an excellent general tonic which helps to detoxify the body;
  • It forewarns cardiovascular diseases;
  • It supports the resilience of the blood vessels;
  • It is good anti-inflammatory;
  • It is anticancerigenic;
  • It regulates the level of glycemia in the blood;
  • It helps to control body weight.

The high content of iodine is beneficial for the stages of children’s growth as well as for diseases due to the lack of iodine.


Product Description

Aronia has a general tonic effect:

  • It increases vitality;
  • It helps to surpass the breakdown and overdemand;
  • It stimulates the muscular and bony regeneration;
  • It improves metabolism;
  • The antiseptic features of aronia recommend it as a remedy in respiratory diseases;
  • It forewarns viral and bacterial infections.
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