Although when we say propolis, most of you think about the tincture of propolis or raw propolis, you have to know the propolis is used in apitherapy in different preparations.

In order to benefit from all the active substances in propolis, these must be extracted using: water, butter(ghee) and alcohol.

1.The watery extract – although we believe the propolis does not dilute in water, the truth is that very small quantities of it dissolve. We only have to grind it very thinly, mix it with water (1:10). It is to be consumed after 10 hours.
2.The greasy extract – in this case there is a special technique in which butter is mixed with the thinly grinded propolis and it is mixed for a few hours above steams of warm water. This preparation is very well known by the Russian apitherapists who use it successfully against tuberculosis.
3.The tincture of propolis and the soft extract of propolis. You all know the tincture and it is the alcoholic extract of propolis. 300 grams of propolis are macerated in one litre of alcohol (ethylic alcohol)(food alcohol) and it is let to macerate for at least 15 days, stirring it 3 – 4 times a day. The soft extract of propolis is obtained from the tincture of propolis put in a large dish letting the alcohol evaporate.
4.The powder of propolis. Propolis has the firmness of plasticine at the temperature in the room. In order to grind it thinly (with a grinder), it has to get cold so that it becomes glassy, breakable. The powder obtained like this is kept in dark dishes, in a dark and cold place (if it gets in the heat, it becomes compact, like rubber again).

These 4 shapes can be used as the basis for all the products with propolis (spray, inhalations, ointments, cream, etc.)
PhD Engineer: Cornelia Dostetan (Abalaru)