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Recipe Dr. Ştefan Stângaciu – the chairman of the Romanian Society of Apitherapy
-it is notified by The Institute of Food Bioresources Bucharest-


  • bee bread/maiden wax,
  • royal jelly,
  • drone larvae (apilarnil),
  • propolis,
  • honey,
  • pollen
60.00lei 50.00lei


Ingrediente: Miere , Ciocolata belgiana, apilarnil
Utilizare: 1-2 lingurite de 2 ori pe zi dimineata si la pranz

The cocktail for children contains:

  • honey (a specific type for children)
  • raw pollen – frozen,
  • propolis ( powder and/or greasy extract)
  • drone larvae (apilarnil)
  • royal jelly

The cocktail for men contains:

  • honey (poliflora)
  • raw pollen – frozen,
  • propolis, propolis tincture
  • drone larvae (apilarnil).

It is an active biological bee product, obtained on the basis of the products in the beehive, vitalizing, biotrophic, tonifying and psychotonic, intensifies the natural factors of protecting the body, of the immunity system (in the specialized literature it is mentioned as being possible to have good effects on cancer and AIDS).

It is a good regulator of the metabolism of the human body,